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Rainy Day Blues... How to Prepare for Rain the Day of Your Event?

Your big day is approaching and all that you can think of is, refresh the page weather app, refresh! With all that you can control (or at least try to) the day of your event, weather is just not one of them. So how do you walk into that week feeling a bit less anxious and a tad more prepared for whatever is to come? Here are some tips.

Planning for this begins the day you start event planning. You don’t want to see rain on the forecast two days before your celebration and say, oh no what should we do now! From the get-go, you should always have a detailed rain plan for the “just in case” scenario. This plan includes:

1. Having full knowledge as to where all your event elements will take place if it does in fact rain. Planning for an outdoor ceremony? Make sure to check if your venue has an alternative covered space in the case that you cannot proceed outside. If not, really think deeply into if you would be interested in going the route of tenting your space. If you really hate the idea of tenting, this venue may not be for you. But if you are open to it, find out the proper dimensions for the cover that you’d need and speak to a few local tent companies to seek pricing and availability.

Pro tip: A clear tent is typically more aesthetically pleasing compared to a white top tent.

When speaking to the rental companies, be sure to:

· Inquire about tent walls in the case that the weather is extremely rough.

· Ask about the latest possible booking date so that you don’t have to worry as time approaches.

· Don’t forget to plan for coverage of any transitional spaces. For example, if your restrooms are set far from your main reception space, guests will truly appreciate the pathway between being protected. If guest drop off is a distance away from the entrance, be sure to provide a covered pathway or some sort of covered escort service (think staff carrying oversized umbrellas, golf carts...) so that guests arrive as dry as possible.

2. Shop around for some artistic elements that allow you to embrace the rain. Now of course, if it is downpouring on your wedding day, I don’t recommend relying heavily on umbrellas. But if there is a light drizzle in the air, purchasing some clear top handheld umbrellas can make for a very charming photo op. I love a monogrammed umbrella for a bride and groom!

Sweet & Southern Creations monogram umbrella, $40,

Remember, your event photos should remind you of what the day was truly like, so a few photos in the rain could put a smile on your face in the future when reminiscing.

3. When it comes to event day photography, be sure to discuss both indoor and outdoor locations with your photographer. Your ideal plan may include taking photos at the nearby boardwalk or beach, but if rain does come you should have a backup indoor alternative to look forward to. Think local museum, public library, cute coffee shop, hotel lobby or even a close friends nearby home. Certain locations may require a permit, so best to do your research in advance so that you are fully prepared.

4. Whether you choose to take photos at an alternate location or just head straight to your venue, the commute can definitely do some damage. Make sure to pack some extra dry clothing for yourself. Also, be sure to bring some touch up equipment for any hair or makeup smudges. I would even go as far as to recommend having your hair stylist meet you at the venue for touch ups. You want to look your best when your guests arrive!

If you have any other tips that you would recommend, send them our way!

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