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Party Favor Ideas

Your party is coming up and it’s time to figure out what party favors you’ll be offering your guests. Here is a fun list of ideas for you to pull from. I always encourage inserting your personal touch within.

For your home:

1. Custom Candles / Diffusers

2. Custom Shot Glasses

3. Custom Cheese Board / Wooden Cutting Board

4. Mini Perfume Bottles / Cologne

5. Compact Mirror

6. Terra Cotta Pots with Baby Plants

7. Bath Bombs

8. Scented Soap Bar

9. Wine Bottle Stoppers

10. Custom Coasters

11. Custom Luggage Tags – perfect for a destination affair.

12. Lottery Tickets – who wouldn’t want to win?

13. Succulents / Baby Orchids

14. Reusable Tumblers

15. Sports Goods – Custom Footballs, Frisbees, Kadima Sets, etc.

16. Children's Books

17. Scented Lotion / Lip Balm

18. Plush Toy

19. Jewerly box

20. Mugs - check out these that we filled with delicious biscotti and hot chocolate bombs!

For the foodie:

1. A lovely box of french macarons

2. Seasoned Salts – think truffle, rosemary, citrus…

3. Hot Sauce Jars

4. Olive Oil Jars – can be infused with herbs of choice, perfect for an Italian themed event.

5. Honey Jars / Sticks

6. Mini Liquor Bottles / Cocktail mix ins

7. Himalayan Sea Salt Bottles

8. Hersheys Kisses

9. Tea Jars / Sets

10. Coffee Grinds – thinking gourmet coffee mix, maybe internationally sourced…

11. Maple Syrup Jars

12. Bags of Sweets – who doesn’t love some candy!

13. Mints

14. Jam / Nut Butter / Unique Spread

15. Smores Kits – perfect for a summer night.

16. Cupcake in a Jar

17. Hot Chocolate Kits

18. Sourdough Bread – would go great with some delicious spreads like tapenade or aioli…

19. Warm Cookies in a jar or bag

20. Mini Pies / Tarts - check out these scrumptious mini lemon meringue pies!

For the Religious Affair:

20. Challot

21. Besamim Sets

22. Match Boxes

23. Havdalah Candle

20. Tehillim Book

21. Dessert for Shabbat – think some delicious cinnamon or chocolate babka.

22. Bottle of wine

23. Birkat Hamazon books

24. Prayer Books

For the clothing lover:

1. Sweatshirt / Crew Neck Shirt / T Shirt

2. Baseball Cap / Trucker Hat

3. Crew Sock

4. Slides

5. Slippers

6. Pashmina / Scarf

7. Beanie

8. Blanket

9. Towel

9. Tote / Drawstring Bag / Beach Bag / Duffle Bag

If you are stuck with what to sign your gift with, here are a few clever suggestions…

For a Bridal Shower:

· Champagne Bottles: “Pop the champagne, I'm changing my name!”

· Hershey Kisses: “Hugs and kisses, from the soon to be Mrs”

· Bath Bombs: “Thank you for showering us with love”

· Scented Soap Bars: “From brides shower to yours”

For an Engagement or Wedding:

· Match Box Set: “The Perfect Match” insert couples names…

· Herbed Salts / Spice Mix: “Seasoned with love”

· Honey Sticks: “Love as sweet as honey”

· Plant / Seeds: “Let love grow”

· Tea Bags / Coffee : “Love is brewing” or “the perfect blend”

· Mints: “Mint to be” or “Engage-mint”

· Hot Sauce Jars: “One hot couple”

· Jams / Spreads: “Spread the love”

· Lottery Tickets: “For richer or for poorer”

· Liquor Bottles: “Take a shot, we are tying the knot”

For a Baby Celebration:

· Mini jars of kettle corn: “Ready to Pop”

· Cinnamon Buns: “Little Bun in the Oven”

Misc. Events:

· Pashmina / Scarf: “To have and to hold, in case you get cold”

At the end of events done by On Reserve, I like to wrap up florals from the event and distribute them to the guests who have stayed till the end of the party. I tie them beautifully in a wrapping with a tag, thanking guests for joining us in the celebration. This can also be a great idea for a party favor, for who doesn’t love flowers!

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