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28 Unique Baby Boy Party Themes

Your son is born, congrats!

Now you have a little close to a week to plan a Brit Milah. Right off the bat the first question that I get is, what theme should I go with? It’s always fun to connect the theme with the child’s name or a family preference, like baby George having a Curious George themed celebration. But if you are stumped and can’t think of anything, here is a list of 28 adorable baby boy party themes:

· Nautical / Sailor

· Horse Track

· Outer Space

· Car / Automobile

· Up Up and Away (Hot Air Balloon)

· Up Up and Away (Airplane)

· Safari / Animal of your choice… often not thought of but cute include: owls, dolphins, penguins, frogs (on lillypads could be adorable!), octopus, panda (thinking black and white color scheme), duckling, kangaroo (how about Australian themed?) + koalas, starfish, turtle, stork, or ladybug.

· Israel themed – or pick any country of choice. London could be a fun one, or France…

· Patriotic (July 4th Bris)

· Construction / Trucks and Tractors

· Police / First Aid / Firefighter

· Jungle

· Childrens Book themed – ex: Good Night Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Little Engine that Could…

· Dr Seuss

· Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

· Sport of your choice / team

· Under the Sea

· Camping / Cottage / Cabin

· Ski themed / Winter Wonderland

· Carnival

· Ice Cream Parlor

· Sesame Street

· Legoland

· Three Little Pigs

· Curious George

· Farmer and his farm (of animals or produce)

· Cup of Joe / Coffee Shop

· Dinosaur themed – click here for inspiration!

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