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Booked Your Event Date. Now What?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Congratulations! You have secured a date for your upcoming 2021 event. Where do you plan from here?

If you are thinking of planning this event on your own, here are a few tips that will give you a kick start.

Hire these vendors ASAP.

Now is the time to hold the date with your choice of vendors. Certain vendors will be a part of your event team no matter the size or location. Don’t wait, because your dream team may get booked up quickly. These vendors include:

· Your Glam Squad – Hair and makeup is completely personal, so call your favorite stylists immediately.

· Bridal Attendant – there aren’t many GREAT attendants out there who know exactly what you need at all moments on your special day. Reserve your first or second choice right away.

· DJ and/or Band

· Ceremonial Orchestra

· Photographer

· Caterer and Cake Artist

Get on the Venue search.

With all that changes day by day, take a look at potential venues in different cities or states. The more diverse style and location of the venue, the larger chance that one of them will work out for your big event. Keep your mind open to different options because as policies change daily, so will your choice of venues.

Start working on your menu with your selected caterer. Unless your event is drastically changed, your food style will remain the same. Speak to your caterer about their menu options as well as creative ways to stay Covid friendly yet fun with your food.

Begin to curate a gallery that resembles your event aesthetic. Choose your color scheme or theme and fully dedicate yourself to it. With that being said, start to do some research on Florists or Production companies who share your vision.

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