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Event postponements are not ideal but have been the reality for many looking to celebrate occasions this past year. As we said goodbye to 2020, some looked forward to celebrating their occasions that had been put off from the past year. Here is the story of the celebration of Baby Rose that was postponed for almost a year, but finally celebrated this past January.

Baby Rose was born in January of 2020. Her grandmother Rose dreamt of throwing a beautiful celebration full of roses for her first granddaughter. Rose immediately called me when the baby was born and thus began our journey. We decided to plan a beautiful brunch to take place at her home the second Sunday of March of that year.

Every detail was planned out. The house was to be transformed into an enchanting rose garden painted in baby pink. One week before the celebration, the world began to shut down. The party was cancelled with the hope of postponement in the near future.

As months went by with no opportunity to celebrate, we realized that it was time to change our game plan. Every month that went by, Baby Rose was growing. Her first birthday was coming soon. Why not plan to celebrate her first birthday?

Although the theme of roses remained the same, Baby Rose’s first birthday would look very different from the original planned celebration. At first, we were set to host about 150 adults at a Sunday brunch. Now, we knew that a celebration of that size would not be safe. We cut the guest list to immediate family only and adjusted the focus of the party from adult brunch to children’s party.

Because our original plan cancelled at the last minute, we decided to include the original elements that we had ordered. Our logo was created and printed on various items and we ordered beautiful paper flowers from Aster and Quail to hang on the back of our chairs. Rose and I agreed that we wanted to utilize our original features in the birthday party, but wanted to find a new way to include them.

Looking back, celebrating the birth of Baby Rose would have been beautiful, but celebrating her first birthday opened up many whimsical doors. For her first birthday, we hired a music teacher to sing songs with the children. Instead of large tables set for adults, we rented the most charming children’s tables and chairs to set the scene for a kid friendly brunch. We adjusted our menu to contain kid friendly options and gave out small candy boxes as goody bags for the guests. And best of all, we got to set up an adorable cake smash. In the end, we were happy to finally celebrate Baby Rose!

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